The Historic Cavalier Hotel

Heritage Suites


During the hotel’s 4-year renovation, each of the six partners involved in the project had the chance to design their own luxury suites. Each of our six Heritage Suites take luxury vacations to a new level.

To book a Heritage Suite, please call our reservation line at (757) 425-8555.

The Reidy Suite

Second Floor

Frank and Juliette Reidy have adorned their suite with personal paintings and furnishings in tribute to Juliette Reidy and her Vietnamese heritage. These items were donated by her and her sons Pieter, Michael and James. Juliette was born and raised in Saigon, Vietnam where she met Frank in 1967. They were married and lived in Singapore for fifteen years before moving to Virginia Beach. Juliette is an avid gardener, spending much of her time tending to the grounds surrounding their historic home, Greystone, bought in 1981, where they have lived since 1986.

The Metzger Suite

Third Floor

George Metzger and his wife, Linda, designed the decor and furnishings for a Bavarian-Themed Suite, honoring George’s parents, who were first-generation immigrants from Germany. This European inspired suite features antiques and replicas found in the late 19th Century, along with some personal effects and photography by George’s father, all donated by the Metzger’s to The Historic Cavalier Hotel and Beach Club.

The Frye Suite

Fourth Floor

Bart Frye and his wife, Abby, designed their suite to commemorate their personal love of horses, as well as the grand equestrian history of The Historic Cavalier Hotel and Beach Club in its early days. Inspirations were drawn from horse racing events that were held on the grounds of the iconic hotel, and the fond memories of guests riding along the shoreline of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Ruffin Suite

Fifth Floor

Edmund C. Ruffin and his wife, Alice, collaborated with Stacey Briguera Interior Design to create a Mid-Century Modern Coastal inspired suite dedicated to Edmund’s fond memories of his days as a Virginia Beach lifeguard in the 50s and 60s. Edmund was once stationed at the Cavalier Oceanfront and fondly recalls his younger years spent life guarding at the Oceanfront and waiting tables at The Historic Cavalier Hotel and Beach Club.

The Lawson Suite

Sixth Floor

John Lawson, General Contractor of the hotel’s renovation, and his wife, Paige, designed and decorated their suite to pay homage to their love of Virginia’s maritime history. From the settlers first landing on the shores of Virginia Beach to our beloved sailors who call her shores home, the Lawson Suite perfectly captures Coastal Virginia’s history and legacy.

The Thompson Suite

Seventh Floor

Bruce Thompson has been regaled as a man who knows how to throw a good party and for his love of music! He dedicates this suite to all flappers of the roaring 20s and the world-famous big bands that played through the night in the Crystal Ballroom and The Cavalier Beach Club, establishing The Cavalier as the “Big Band Capital of America.”

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